EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

EWMA 2020: Treatment of Mixed Arterial and Venous Ulcers


Whilst venous ulcers can usually be treated very effectively with compression therapy, arterial ulcers need revascularization through transluminal interventions or vascular surgery to improve ulcer healing. Mixed leg ulcers with both venous and arterial underlying pathologies pose a particular challenge in everyday clinical practice, as they are often recalcitrant and treatment options are limited due to the co-existing different pathologies. In addition, there exists different opinions among physicians which type and level of compression works best for these patients. This session will provide an overview of the best approaches to this challenging disease complex.



Treatment of Mixed Arterial and Venous Ulcers: The Dermatologist's Perspective 

Joachim Dissemond, Prof. Dr.med., Germany

University Hospital of Essen

Treatment of Mixed Arterial and Venous Ulcers: The Vascular Surgeon's Perspective

Milla Kallio, Finland

University of Helsinki