EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

EWMA 2020: Looking back to go ahead - Reflections on 20 years of wound management


Few areas in the field of health-related sciences faced a faster development and a more radical change in recent years compared to wound management: new evidences, new technologies and new data strongly modified the way problems are addressed and patients managed. 

The aim is to develop a critical evaluation on new technologies and their interest in a personalized practice. In other words to induce a reflexion on how to reinforce the use of confirmed practices and learn on which criteria to change one’s mind and incorporate new ones. 



The studies and innovations that changed wound management in the last 20 years 

Alberto Piaggesi, MD, Professor, Endocrinologist, Italy

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Pisa

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The underestimation of a big issue: how the economy and organisation of wound management changed over the years

Julian Guest, United Kingdom

Catalyst Consultants, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire


A Look to the Future: the Unmet Needs and the Potential of New Technologies in Wound Healing 

Luc Teot, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, France

Montpellier University Hospital

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