EWMA 2020: Partnering with Patients with Venous Leg Ulcers to Improve Healing Outcomes


After this session, a participant should be able to:

  • Understand self-care management principles for patients with a venous leg ulcer
  • Appraise the interventions for educating individuals with venous leg ulcers, based on an evaluation of different educational concepts
  • Develop an individualised education plan to guide/inform patients with a venous leg ulcer


Does patient education improve patient outcomes?

Paul Bobbink, Switzerland

Geneva, HES-SO, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Health Sciences

Are our patients represented in clinical trials of interventions for venous leg ulceration?

Georgina Gethin, RGN, Dip, HEDip, PhD, Ireland

School of Nursing and Midwifery, National University Galway

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Partnering with patients with VLUs to improve healing outcomes: Education tips from an evidence-based perspective

Carolina Weller, BN (RMIT), MEd (RMIT), GCHE (Monash), PhD (Monash), Wounds Australia Fellow, Australia

School of Nursing and Midwifer, Monash University