EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

EWMA 2020: Medical Devices Related Pressure Damage


This session will present an overview of the work of the Medical Device and Vulnerable Skin Network (MDVSN), and Skin Tissue Integrity Under Shear European Training Network (STINTS ETN). 

It will include improving design of medical devices from facemasks to penile clamps and intelligent sensing to promote self-management. 

To raise awareness of future research focused on the interaction of skin with support surfaces and medical devices to prevent skin damage resulting from sustained mechanical loading (ranging from skin irritation to Pressure Ulcers and Diabetic Foot Ulcers). 


Topic TBA

Dan Bader, PhD, DSc, Prof., United Kingdom

Professor of Bioengineering and Tissue Health, Editor of Journal of Tissue Viability, University of Southampton


Topic TBA

Peter Worsley, BSc, MCSP, PhD, Dr., United Kingdom

University of Southampton