EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

EWMA 2020: City Guide

Get lost in London’s rich medical history. Visit its most prominent medical museums and collections, such as the Science Museum, the Royal College of Physicians, the Florence Nightingale Museum and many more.

Encounter the people and places that have made this city a home of cures for over 1000 years.

Florence Nightingale museum

The Florence Nightingale Museum celebrates the life and work of the world’s most famous nurse.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret

Visit the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret which are situated in the roof space of St Thomas' Church. 

Science Museum 

The Science Museum’s medical collections have a global scope and coverage probably not bettered in the world. Read more here

Royal College of Physicians Museum 

Discover the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) museum in Regent’s Park – England’s oldest medical college. Explore 500 years of medical history and art in London’s most extraordinary modernist building. Read more here.

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum 

Discover for yourself the secrets of the laboratory in which Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928. An in-situ reconstruction of the laboratory, displays and a video uncover the remarkable story of how a chance discovery became a lifesaving drug destined to revolutionise medicine. Read more here

Barts Pathology Museum 

Barts Pathology Museum is based in St Bartholomew’s Hospital at West Smithfield and houses over 5,000 medical specimens on display over 3 mezzanine levels of the Victorian museum. Read more here

Bethlem Museum of the Mind 

Bethlem Museum of the Mind records the lives and experience and celebrates the achievements of people with mental health problems. Learn more.

British Red Cross Museum & Archives 

The British Red Cross museum and archives contain a fascinating portrait of our humanitarian work. Read more.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Tucked away beside the Thames, Chelsea Physic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in London and houses around 5,000 different medicinal, herbal, edible, and useful plants. Read more about the garden here

Royal College of Nursing Library & Heritage Centre

The Royal College of Nursing Library and Heritage Centre is home to Europe’s largest nursing specific collection. Read more here

Foundling Museum 

The Foundling Museum explores the history of the Foundling Hospital, the UK’s first children’s charity and first public art gallery. We aim to inspire everyone to make a positive contribution to society, by celebrating the power of individuals and the art. Read more here

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 

Unlock the amazing power of plants and fungi. Vist the stunning world-leading botanic gardens and discover the science and conservation work at Royal Botanic Gardens. Read more about the most biodiverse place on Earth here.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum & Archives

St Bartholomew's Hospital was founded in 1123 and has provided care on the same site in Smithfield for nearly 900 years. The archives and museum collections include documents from the 12th to the 21st centuries and objects reflecting the changes to patient care, teaching and administration at hospital. Read more here.

Freud Museum 

Step into the world of the founder of the psychoanalysis and discover more about Sigmund Freud, the pioneering work of his daughter, Anna Freud and learn more about the intriguring theory and method of psychoanalysis. Read more here.

Museum of the Order of St John

The museum tells the unique and fascinating story of an ancient religious military Order, from its origins caring for sick pilgrims in eleventh century Jerusalem, through to its modern-day role with St. John Ambulance, the international first aid charity. Read more here.

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