EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

Login to the Abstract Submission System

We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome as the abstract submission system works better in these browsers.

To submit an abstract, you will need an account. If you attended the EWMA conference in 2015-2019, please log in with your Username (email) and Password. If you don’t have an account you will be asked to create one the first time you log in to the system.

In case you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by clicking Forgot your password.

EWMA 2020: Step-by-step guideline: How to submit an abstract

Before starting the submission process
Prepare your abstract of maximum 250 (excl. title) words and insert it into the template, which can be downloaded here or from the submission system.

Submitting an abstract
1.    Login to the system using the provided link. You will be asked to enter your e-mail, name, affiliations and           contact details to create a profile. If you have attended EWMA 2019 or previously, your login will still be               active.

2.    After completing your profile, click the button saying “Abstracts”

3.    Choose “Submit an abstract” if you wish to submit a new abstract, or “View my abstracts” if you wish to                see your already submitted abstracts. Please note that no changes can be made online to already                        submitted abstracts

4.    Upload your abstract. The system checks:
       a. if you have used the template. If not, the template can be downloaded on the page.
       b. the number of words used.
       Click “Next”.

5.    Enter the abstract title.

6.    Choose the presentation type you wish to submit for: paper poster, E-poster presentation or oral                         presentation.
       Please note that you may be offered another presentation type if the reviewers recommend this.
       Click “Next”

7.    Add the authors of the abstract.
       You can choose yourself by clicking “I am an author” and add more authors by typing the e-mail                           addresses of the authors. Add the affiliation of each author. 
       Click “Next”

8.    Presenting author / speaker: Add the presenting author by choosing  “ I will be the speaker” or choose a             speaker from the list of authors by clicking “Choose a speaker”.
       Click “Next”

9.    Category: Choose the category that fits the content of your abstract best.
       Please note that you may be moved to another category if the reviewers have reason to place specific                 abstracts together. Please note that some categories are e-posters only.
       Click “Next”.

10.  Conditions: Please answer all questions regarding webcast, upload of abstracts etc. on the page by                      answering “Accept” or “Reject”.
        Click “Next”

11.  Conflict of Interest: Please indicate if you have a conflict of interest by clicking “Yes” or “No”. If yes, please            elaborate in the comments box on the page.
        Click “Next”.

12.  Summary: A summary of your choices and a preview of your abstract  will be visible. If you wish to change          anything, click the “Back” button below the summary.
        If you agree with the summary, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. A pop-up window will open                    asking if you are sure that you wish to submit, Click “Submit “again. Please note that your abstract is              not submitted until you have clicked “Submit” in the pop-up window and you are directed to                        www.ewma2020.org.

After submission

13.  Confirmation: An automatically generated confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within a few minutes                after submission.

14.  Notification of accept/reject will be sent by e-mail to the submitting person by February 2020.                              For late breaking abstracts, the notifications will be sent in August. 
        If accepted, presenting author must register for the conference before March 2020. Update after the                    rescheduling of EWMA 2020 to November: Deadline for registration of presenting authors is 1 September 2020.