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EWMA 2020: Awards

E-poster Prizes

The poster prizes are designed to reward the considerable work that goes into preparing an e-Poster for presentation at the conference.

To be eligible for consideration you must have an abstract accepted for e-Poster presentation at the EWMA 2020 Conference. Posters that have been submitted/presented elsewhere are not eligible for the e-Poster Prize.

A panel of judges will score the e-Posters. The panel will award 3 poster prizes.

The value of each poster prize is EUR 200.

Your accepted e-Poster will automatically be considered for this award, provided that it has not previously been submitted elsewhere.


E-Posters are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Visually appealing
  • Well laid out in a logical manner
  • Relevant and interesting content
  • Clear conclusions

EWMA First Time International Presenter Prize

This award is designed to encourage people who have not previously presented their work at an international conference. To be eligible for this prize you must have submitted your abstract to EWMA and you must be a novice presenter. That is, you should not have presented previously at an international conference. 

The value of the First Time Presenter Prize is EUR 450. Please confirm that you are applying for this award when submitting your abstract online. Furthermore, you should send a letter to the EWMA Secretariat stating that this is your first presentation at an international conference, and you should enclose a letter from your employer/supervisor/manager confirming that you have not previously presented at an international conference.

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