Swedish Outcome Project Session

The project Optimising Patient and Health Economic Outcomes in Swedish Wound Care Practice is financed by an unrestricted educational grant from Mölnlycke.

In this session a project consortium consisting of researchers and clinicians representing EWMA, the Swedish national quality Registry for Ulcer Treatment (RiksSår) and the University Hospital of Malmö will present the findings from the ongoing project Optimising Patient and Health Economic Outcomes in Swedish Wound Care Practice. The project has been initiated to survey and gather data on the state of Swedish wound care in terms of management, resource allocation, patient quality of life, implementation of e-health solutions and more. From these findings a Call for Action will be announced at EWMA 2019 and a proposal for implementation and best practices will be presented and underpinned by the experiences and the e-health solution developed by RiksSår.

Friday, 7 June 


Room: G1 

Opening of session and introduction

Jan Apelqvist


Implementation of a National Decision Support Focusing on Wound Management as a Highly Specialised Medical Discipline

Introduction to RiksSår’s work and national decision support

Rut Öien


Implementation of a structured wound management system in Sweden facilitated by the RiksSår app

The e-health system in use and under development/implementation by RiksSår. Results from survey on implementation

Daniel Eliasson


Changes in work processes for wound management – staff engagement when implementing an e-health solution

Experience with implementing this kind of solution; opportunities and barriers

Cecilia Fagerström


Video consultation for patients with hard-to-heal ulcers

Results from using e-health/video technology on clinical outcomes

Hanna Wickström


Antibiotic prescription to patients with hard-to-heal ulcers related to ulcer diagnoses

Example of specific clinical outcome when using RiksSår app data

Nina Åkesson


Preliminary findings from the Procurement criteria survey

How are decisions on procurement of wound healing products made, any who makes them – preliminary findings from a national survey

Jan Apelqvist


Call for action for wound care in Sweden

The project proposes actions for how wound care and management can be improved through a step-by-step implementation programme under the headlines Competence, Costs, Technology, Education and Outcome

Jan Apelqvist