EWMA 2021, 7-9 July

Debridement Stream: After Debridement

Thursday, 6 June


Room: G1


Chantal Rosset, CH

Lucie Charbonneau, CH

Paul Bobbink, CH

The aims of the workshop will be based on the EWMA document: Wound Curriculum for Nurses, 2016

- Briefly evaluate different debridement methods and their effectiveness, including practical examples

- Perform an expedient aftercare following a debridement procedure

- Work appropriately with special antimicrobial wound therapeutics (present antimicrobial wound dressings)

- Explain the criteria for the ideal use of wound care products and categorise these into different groups of products (dressings, solutions, etc.), including their indications, contraindications, and application, and apply the products correctly in an appropriate situation

- Discuss the potential and limitations of new alternative treatments for wound management (NWPT; use of an advanced therapy bi-layered living cellular construct ‘skin equivalent’; laser therapy)