Translational Science and Clinical Opportunities: Basic Science Key Session (for clinicians)


Translational science aims to accelerate the process of moving research discoveries from the laboratory into healthcare practices. Scientific and organisational roadblocks can act as obstacles along the path of translation and ultimately reduce patients’ accessibility to new and more effective treatments. This session will provide up-to date information on successful experiences of moving research findings toward improving patient and health system outcomes.

Wednesday, 5 June 


Room: F4-5


Thirty years of health technology applied to wound healing 

Luc Teot (CV)

MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Head Department of Plastic Surgery, Burns, Wound Healing 

Montpellier University Hospital

New perspectives in biotechnology for tissue repair 

Alexandra Marques, Portugal

Science translated to technological innovation for pressure ulcer prevention

Amit Gefen, Israel

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Stem cell therapy for diabetic wound healing

Seung-Kyu Han, MD, PhD, South Korea

President of Korean Wound Management Society

Professor of Plastic Surgery, Korea University College of Medicine, South Korea