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Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons (ADFS)

Session title:  The role of multidisciplinary team and the organization

The session will focus on the following topics:

  • General Overview of Classification and History of DF Surgery
  • Surgery in Treatment of Deformities & Surgical Offloading
  • Technical Aspects / Overview of Approach to the Charcot Foot
  • Surgical Approach to Osteomyelitis


About ADFS:

The Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons (ADFS) is an international not-for-profit organisation open to all foot surgeons with an interest in the diabetic foot, orthopaedic surgeons, podiatry surgeons, vascular surgeons etc.

The ADFS aims to support cooperation among foot surgeons interested in and working with the diabetic foot and work to enhance best practice in research, education and clinical interventions.

The ADFS organises meetings and conferences and supports the development of approaches, techniques and medical devices that will facilitate better surgical treatment of the diabetic foot.

Find more information about the ADFS at www.a-dfs.org

Thursday, 6 June 


Room: F1-2 


General overview of classification and history of DF surgery

Robert Frykberg


Surgery in treatment of deformities & surgical offloading

Thomas Zgonis


Technical aspects / overview of approach to the Charcot foot

Venu Kavarthapu

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Surgical approach to osteomyelitis

Armin Koller