EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

The Use of Biologics in the Management of Complex Inflammatory Wounds


Biologic therapies dramatically changed the prognosis of many severe pathologies increasing the life expectation and the quality of life of many patients suffering from otherwise difficult-to-treat diseases. This session will update on the state of the art on the three most frequent ulcerative pathologies which did benefit in recent times from the use of biologics.

Friday, 7 June 


Room: F4-5


Pyoderma gangrenosum 

Valentina Dini, Italy

Wound Healing Research Unit

Department of Dermatology

University of Pisa, Italy

Venous leg ulcers 

Sylvie Meaume, France


Vasculitic and reumatological ulceration 

Agata Janowska, Italy

Dermatologist and fellow researcher in wound healing

Department of Dermatology, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy