EWMA 2019: Guide to Gothenburg

There's plenty to do in Gothenburg in the month of May. 

Experience independent art, fantastic food, interesting art galleries, friendly locals, great shopping and cosy cafés.


Gothenburg is a true foodie paradise with restaurants ranging from Michelin-starred gourmet to imaginative street food. There are loads of micro-breweries and the seafood is simply amazing.

Visit the beautiful fish market hall Feskekôrka.

Endulge in fine gourmet dining at one of the six local Michelin Restaurants 

Visit one of many restaurants offering a completely vegetarian or vegan menu; The Green Room in Liseberg Amusement Park or Folk in the theatre foyer at Folkteatern.


The tranquillity of the Gothenburg archipelago is never far away. There are  ferrys from Lilla Varholmen to Hönö and Björkö all year round, read more here.

You can also enjoy Swedish nature right in the city centre. Gothenburg has a stunning 175 square metres of green space per citizen and leafy parks like the Garden society of Gothenburg or the beautiful Botanical Gardens.


A number of prominent cultural institutions are found only a stone’s throw from the venue. View the unique collection of Nordic art at Gothenburg Museum of Art or enjoy Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra at the concert hall. Across the street you can explore the contemporary exhibitions of the Museum of World Culture, visit the science centre or take a breathtaking ride in Liseberg Amusement Park.


In the laid-back and trendy area around the street Magasinsgatan you will find an eclectic mix of styles and tastes. The inner city and the main boulevard Avenyn offer great shopping and nightlife whereas the Haga and Linné districts are home to cosy cafés, trendy espresso bars and lively pubs.

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