Shell Scheme package order

Do you require a shell scheme package?


The package includes:

  • Shell scheme walls, 250 cm high, in white towards neighbouring stand
  • 1 fascia board 30 cm high, white infill panel and your company name and stand number in black (up to 20 letters)
  • 1 spot light of 75 Watt per 3 square mete
  • 2 kw day time power, including double wall socket and power consumption for 3 days
  • Initial and daily stand cleaning (3 days)
  • Trash bin and clothes hanger
  • Standard grey color 890/928 carpet: (by March 15th 2018 you can choose any color from following overview, after March 16th grey carpet will be applied.)


The price is EUR 60.- excl. VAT per square meter.

Deadline for ordering is March 15th, 2018.


For more details about the shell scheme package, please find it here.


For placing your order, please send an e-mail to Charlotte,