EXPO Krakow - orders for furniture, catering, rigging etc.

Order forms:

(Please note: For downloading order forms, use explorer or chrome browser):

You have to place all orders directly to EXPO Krakow.:
For questions, please contact:

Catering: jakub@kscc.pl

Ordering of furniture etc.: ewma2018@targi.krakow.pl

Technical supplies: szatan@targi.krakow.pl


Furniture, electricity, rigging

Order forms for rigging, furniture, flowers, electricity, parking permits, security, hostesses etc. is in this link: www.ewma2018.targi.krakow.pl/gb/

- Furniture order deadline:               15.03.2018     


Build up/non build up space

Follow this link: www.ewma2018.targi.krakow.pl/gb/



Send a mail to jakub@kssc.pl  (please note it is not possible to place orders for catering on site.)

 - Catering order deadline:       25.04.2018


We would like to inform you of the following deadlines at EXPO Kraków:

- Catering order:       25.04.2018

- Furniture:                15.03.2018               

- Technical supplies:  15.03.2018       


It is possible to order furniture (if available) on-site, but please be aware of an additional 50% charge on the standard price.

Payment must be settled onsite by cash (PLN) or credit card.