Exhibition hours

Buildup                         Date                         Exhibitors access  


Monday*                       07.05.2018               08:00-24:00

Tuesday                         08.05.2018               08:00-02:00


Exhibition                          Date                          Exhibitors acess       Exhibition open. hours


Wednesday                    09.05.2018                07:30-17:30                  09:15-17:00

Thursday                       10.05.2018                08:00-18:00                  09:00-17:30

Friday                            11.05.2018                08:30-02:00                  09:15-15:45



Dismantling                 Date                             Exhibitors access

Friday                           11.05.2018                  15:45-02:00

Please note! Due to the participant experience and access to/from sessions room through the exhibition area, it is not allowed to dismantle the exhibition stand before the official dismantling hours.


*Exhibitors with +25 sqm. Please ensure to contact the offical logistics partner DSV for allocation of time slot for your unloading.

Early Build Up

For exhibitors with +25 sqm. exhibition space, early build up will take place from May 7th 2018. 


Build Up

Build up will start in the morning of May 8th 2018.  EWMA Secretariat personnel and the official exhibition company will be present.