Researchers, docters, veterinarians, nurses: anyone with a passion for wound healing in animals and humans is invited to join the International Conference of the Veterinary Wound Healing Association, during which human and veterinary wound healing meet at the EWMA Conference 2018, May 11

This year’s conference theme is Modeling Wound Healing: Future or Fiction?

Research in wound healing relies heavily on in vitro and in vivo models of dermal wound repair. At the same time, veterinary science provides abundant information from wounds in patients or experimental wounds which can be valuable for the understanding of human wounds and their treatment. For this reason the VWHA has created a forum with this year’s theme, where researchers, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, and others can get together, learn more about models of wound healing and gain inspiration from each other. The program will present the diversity of models available, ranging from computer models over skin cultures to large and small animal in vivo models and use of the latest omics techniques to improve our understanding of normal and aberrant wound healing. Bringing together experts from the many professions involved in this intriguing subject is guaranteed to spark interesting discussions and advance knowledge in the field of wound healing models.

Similar to previous years, the afternoon will be dedicated to a free communications session, where the most recent research in the field of veterinary wound healing, models of wound healing and related subjects will be presented.


  • Jacintha Wilmink
  • Laura Parnell
  • Ardeshir Bayat
  • Simone Renner
  • Ulrich auf dem Keller
  • Susan Volk
  • Christine Theoret
  • Fred Vermolen
  • Fiorella Carnevali
  • Gilles Dupré
  • Susan Volk
  • Elin Jørgensen
  • Stine Jacobsen


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