EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

Federation of International Podiatrists (FIP-IFP)

The session will focus on:

Title: The Competencies Needed in the Examination and Treatment of the Diabetic Foot: A Revealing Look at Educational Levels by D-Foot International and The International Federation of Podiatrists
Dr. Matthew Garoufalis

Description: The D-foot international and FIP-IFP collaboration was presented at EWMA 2017. Both associations are cognisant that multi-disciplinary diabetic foot practice is enhanced by the inclusion of podiatrists but due to the absence of a definitive training syllabus for the role of diabetic foot specialist podiatrists, it can be difficult for diabetic foot multi-disciplinary teams to implement best practice as suggested by the IWGDF guidance. D-foot international and FIP-IFP collaborated to establish a guidance on podiatric practice which will
assist health care professionals and governments to achieve the best outcomes for patients with diabetic foot disease.

Title: The Privileged Relationship Between the Diabetic Patient and the Podiatrist
Christian Jérôme

Description: Trust, respect, and empathy are major components of a good therapeutic relationship. Moreover podiatrists have a privileged therapeutic relationship with diabetic patients to facilitate promotion of diabetic patients health, as they play an important educating role
in the field of prevention of diabetic foot, in foot care and the prevention of foot injuries.

Title: The Growth of Podiatry in Poland. Echoes from the past; visions of a future
Dr. Alex Kor

Description: An overview of Podiatry development in Poland.


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Its mission statement is to advance podiatry worldwide through education, advocacy, and strategic alliances for the benefit of those with foot and ankle ailments. www.fip-ifp.org