Education Activities During EWMA 2018

Education has been one of the main focus areas of EWMA since its foundation. Improving education about wound management and wound care is an important element in the realisation of EWMA's main objectives to improve and develop wound management in Europe.

The activities within education are coordinated by the EWMA Education Committee.

At the EWMA 2018 Conference, the following education related activities will take place:

EWMA Education Committee: At the Frontline of Harmonising Wound Management Education Through Collaborative Working

Christian Münter, DE
EWMA Education Committee: What We Do and Introduction to the EWMA Education Modules

Kirsi Isoherranen   
EWMA Endorsements: Do’s and Don’ts of Applying for Course Endorsement

Madeleine Flanagan, UK
UCM Model: What It Is and How to Benefit the Most

Sebastian Probst, CH
Wound Curricula: Review of EWMA Education Committee Activities in Relation to the Physicians Curriculum and Level 5 Nurses Curriculum. Next Steps – Level 6 Curriculum

Samantha Holloway   
Teacher Network Activities: Undergraduate Nurses Curriculum

EWMA Education Committee Members   
Question and Answer