Peristomal Skin Lesions - A Challenge for Ostomates and Specialized Nurses

Session title: Peristomal Skin Lesions – A Challenge for Ostomates and Specialized Nurses

Peristomal skin care is an issue of high importance for ostomates. A huge percentage of ostomates experience every year peristomal skin irritations. For nurses is this a big challenge in their daily work. The ECET-Guest session contents three main topics in realation with peristomal skin irritation. Scientific overview and best practise recommendations are presented in three main lectures.

Gabriele Kroboth, President ECET
Assessment-Tools for Peristomal Skin Lesions - An Overview

Werner Droste, Vice-President ECET
Foto-Documentation for Patients with Peristomal Skin Lesions - Case Presentations

Renata Batas, PR-Officer ECET
The Challenges of Enterostomal Therapy at Patient with High-Output Ileostomy

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