Are you a veterinary surgeon or experienced nurse with a passion for wound management? Or are you from the human field and interested to experience what is going on in veterinary wound healing science, and to be inspired by another point of view? Join the

International Conference of the Veterinary Wound healing Association (VWHA)

at EWMA 2017, May 4th

for the cutting edge of veterinary wound management science. Our theme:

“The (non)sense of antimicrobials during wound treatment”

will offer a lot of information about bacteria and their possible influence on wound healing, and answer questions we all encounter in everyday veterinary practice. How can we diagnose whether bacteria are a problem, or not? And if they are a problem, how to target treatment? Do we need antibiotics for treatment or can we omit their use and treat with alternative antimicrobial strategies? When would it be better not to treat bacteria at all?

Just as last year, we will incorporate a free communication session in the afternoon. Brand new research about a variety of subjects in the field of veterinary wounds / wound management will be presented.

Come and join our internationally renowned speakers as we share with you the secrets of wound treatment.



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