EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

Oral presentation (free paper session)

COI: Please note that all oral presentations must include a COI slide as the 1st or 2nd slide due to Dutch legislation.

COI template can be downloaded here

  • Slide format: *.ppt and *.pptx in landscape format, 16:9. Please note that this is not stadard size in Power Point. Please do not forget to embed your fonts and to bring your video files, as they cannot be embedded into the presentation.
  • Conflict of Interest: Please note that due to Dutch legislation the first slide of your presentation must be a Conflict of interest declaration.
  • Please speak slowly and clearly for the sake of non-native English speakers
  • Please bring your presentation to the Speakers' Preparation room (at least 2 hours before your presentation).


Upload of presentation:

Bring your presentation to the Speakers' Preparation room. A technician will assist you in transferring the presentation into a central congress server. When the transfer is complete, the technician performs a quick run of the presentation in order for you to check whether the presentation runs correctly and that the entire presentation is copied.

We do not allow the use of personal laptops for presentations. Please bring your presentation on a CD, DVD or USB stick.

At the end of the congress, all presentations will be deleted so no copyright issues will arise unless you have agreed to upload your slides on EWMA’s website.

The location of the Speakers' Preparation room will be shown in the Final programme, which you will receive at the registration desk at the conference.

Please note that you may only show a company logo (of a sponsoring company) on one slide during the presentation.

Abstracts will be published on the conference web site and in the App.

Please also consider submitting your work as an article for EWMA Journal.