International Partner Session 2017 (KWMS): Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management and Quality of Life

The International Partner Session 2017 is organized by the Korean Wound Management Society (KWMS).


Session title:Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management and Quality of Life

The session will take place Thursday 4th May, 10.00-11.00


The session will deal with the following topics;

  • Non-surgical methods of managing diabetic foot ulcer
  • Surgical debridements of ulcer
  • Microsurgical and covering operations to prevent amputations
  • Quality of life of diabetic ulcers regarding healthcare

The clinical significance of diabetes is increasing with a growing aged population and changes in lifestyle. Among all complications of diabetes mellitus, diabetic ulcers are the most severe and expensive. The lifetime incidence of diabetic foot ulceration is as high as 25%. Ulcers frequently become infected and are associated with the risk of limb amputation and increased mortality and healthcare costs. A specialized multidisciplinary team approach is needed to care for patients with ulceration. In complex wounds, surgical treatment is inevitable. Surgery may involve the decision to preserve the limb from amputation. Reconstruction surgery including flap surgery involves preserving the limb with secure coverage. This session reviews the surgical management involved in limb salvaging process and discuss the quality of life of patients who have diabetic foot ulcer.


About KWMS

The Korean Wound Management Society was established in 2002 with its inaugural meeting, with a vision of integrating all realms of wound care to become a leader in wound management. It has grown to become the large society it is now, with about 700 diverse members. Medical personnel come from diverse backgrounds; nurses working in acute care hospitals, home care nurses,intensive care unit nurses, wound care nurses, orthopedic surgeons, burn specialists,physicians working in rehabilitation medicine, dermatologists, and emergency department doctors. It conducts annual seminars, hold the Korean Wound Academy,annual pressure sore forums, dressing forums and wound education forums. The society actively publishes its conference proceedings, and also publishes the Journal of Korean  Wound Management Society, a bi-monthly issue that addresses relevant topics. The society has an outreach program, and makes charity visits to those in need of wound care.

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