EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

Wounds Australia

The Wounds Australia session will focus on:

- Chronic disease risk factors and chronic wounds: A universal challenge

Chronic wounds are closely associated with the most commonly experienced chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Chronic disease can directly cause wounds, compromise healing, and can require treatments that negatively affect the skin. The major risk factors for chronic disease are smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition and harmful alcohol use, and these risk factors are universal. This presentation will review local and international research that has addressed the management of these chronic disease risk factors among the chronically wounded and discuss implications for practice and research.

Speaker: Suzanne Kapp

- Projects under Pressure

The Department of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine at The Royal Hobart Hospital in Tasmania, Australia conducts clinical research and patient cantered care.
This presentation will explore some of the current work being undertaken by the multidisciplinary team and focus on the evolving dynamic of caring for patients under pressure.

Speaker: Carol Baines

- Risk factors for wound dehiscence following surgery: a review of the evidence and the clinical challenge

Surgical wound dehiscence (SWD) impacts on patient wellbeing, increases the length of hospital stay and health-care costs, particularly in the community nursing setting. Globally, the health-care costs associated with SWD are poorly reported and those reported are frequently associated with surgical site infection (SSI), rather than dehiscence of non-microbial causes. This presentation will review the contemporary evidence for the identification of risk factors for wound dehiscence and discuss the impact on clinical management of patients in the post-acute care setting.  

Speaker: Kylie Sandy-Hodgetts