V&VN Wound Expertise: Who is the case manager in Complex Wound Management

The session will take placeFriday 5 May 10.15-11.15


The session will focus on:

  • Roles of the case manager (Dutch standard)
  • Limitations of nurse leadership
  • First and second line differences
  • How is the management of complex wounds organized in different countries in Europe
  • What are the strength and weakness of nurses being  in the lead

Samantha Holloway

Speakers and topics:

Sandra Janssen, NL       
The Role of the case manager complex wound management, Dutch nurses perspective

Zena Moore, IE        
Who is the case manager of the complex wound management,  International perspective

Panel Discussion:

Samantha Holloway, UK
Robert Meerwaldt, NL   
Jacques Neyens, NL     
Zena Moore, IE
Sandra Janssen, NL

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