EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

International Compression Club (ICC)

ICC Annual Meeting

May 5, 2017 in Amsterdam

The ICC meeting is open to all participants.

Download the preliminary programme here

Objectives of the ICC meeting:
To present evidence for edema reduction by different compression modalities including bandages, compression stockings, intermittent pneumatic compression and manual lymph drainage and to understand the mechanisms of action behind  these procedures, including practical implications.

About ICC:

Although the ICC does not have any regulatory power, proposals
elaborated by joint working groups of experts from the medical field
and the industry will hopefully be able to provide a valuable basis for
further improvements of internationally accepted regulations and
guidelines. Working groups consisting of medical experts and
representatives of the industry are invited to cooperate in the
following activities:

  • Organize meetings, in which several problems of common interest

          to both groups can be discussed,

  • Develop and deliver consensus reports and recommendations,
  • Organize teaching courses on CT
  • Guidance on experimental and clinical trials,
  • Plan and coordinate effective communication and education
  • Give recommendations for indications and classification of

          compression products

Find more information about ICC on www.tagungsmanagement.org