Good clinical Practise in Stomatherapy

Session objectives

Stomatherapy is a wide field of nursing practise.
This session picks up three cases with high importance for nurses in the daily work with Ostomates.


  • Pre-Operative Stoma-siting
  • Identification and management of stoma complications
  • Professional Foto Documentation for Stomatherapy


Pre-operative stoma-siting is the beginning of the adaption for ostomates to a life with stoma. This session gives a summary of the evidence based recommendations in stoma-siting.

The identification and competent management of stoma complications is a question of high importance for ostomates. Nurses should be focused on this in order to assist the patient in the best way possible. This session offers an overview of the common complications for ostomates, the special identification and the individual treatment.

An accurate documentation is necessary for nurses in all working fields. This session offers the best recommendations to take high quality photos in stoma-therapy.


Gabriele Kroboth, Pre-Operative Stoma-siting

Renata Batas, Identification and management of stoma complications

Werner Droste, Professional Foto Documentation for Stomatherapy


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The development of a professional identity on a European level for
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The main aims are the following:

  • to establish European recognition for nurses specialized in the area of stoma care, incontinence care and/or treatment of wounds;
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  • to break down national barriers and to promote European identity;
  • to promote the exchange of information between various European countries by establishing efficient communication systems;
  • to develop teaching standards which are generally acceptable;
  • to promote stoma care according to quality and ethical standards.

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