EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

The European Burns Association (EBA)

About EBA:

The European Burns Association was founded in 1981 by leading
burn specialists in Europe, in order to encourage co-operation in the
field of burn care throughout the continent.

The EBA serves as a forum through which medical specialists,
researchers, professions allied to medicine (PAM), and other workers
come together to discuss aspects of burn treatment and research. In
this way, expertise and knowledge are spread throughout the
countries of Europe.

The EBA has been established as a non-profit making organisation
for the benefit of the public, to promote burn prevention, to study the
prevention of burn injury and all other aspects of burn treatment, and, in particular:

  • To disseminate knowledge of and to stimulate prevention in the field of burn injury
  • To encourage and co-ordinate research into the scientific, clinical, and social aspects of burn injury
  • To promote education in all aspects of burns, including first aid, nursing, and rehabilitation
  • To co-operate in international disaster planning
  • To facilitate the exchange of personnel
  • To co-ordinate and to publicise congresses relating to burn care throughout Europe

Find more information about EBA on: www.euroburn.org