Speaker Information (Oral presentations)

Please bring your presentation to the Speakers Preparation Room at least 2 hours before your presentation.

The Speakers Preparation Room is located in the registration area. Please see overview map for exact location.

The Speakers Preparation Room opening hours are:
Tuesday 2 May: 15:00-18:00
Wednesday 3 May:
Thursday 4 May:
Friday 5 May:

A technician will assist you in transferring the presentation to a central conference server. When the transfer is complete, the technician performs a quick run of the presentation in order for you to check whether the presentation runs correctly and that all parts of the presentation are copied.

We do not allow the use of personal laptops for presentations. Please bring your presentation on CD, DVD or memory stick. Unless otherwise agreed all presentations will be deleted in order to secure that no copyright issues will arise at the end of the conference.