EWMA 2019, 5-7 June

EWMA 2019: Eczema in Leg Ulcer Patients


This session will provide an overview of common skin problems of the wound edge and the surrounding skin. Strategies for the prevention of wound-associated skin problems and some treatments will be described. The session focus will lie in the practical aspects of choosing a skin care regimen for different skin states of periwound skin. Different galenic formulations of skin care products will be presented and tested during the workshop.



Topic to be announced

Luc Gryson, BE (CV)

WZC Minnewater Nursing Home Mintus Military Hospital Brussels Chronic Wound Clinic Belgium


Galenics in Skin Care 

Michael Mühlstadt, CH

Certified Micrographic Surgeon (European Society for Micrographic Surgery) Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève Service de dermatologie et vénéréologie, Genève