EWMA 2019, 5-7 June

EWMA 2019: Living with Chronic Wounds


The EWMA project Living With Chronic Wounds (LWCW) is aiming to illustrate the experience of the wound patient. Filmmaker and storyteller Aurora Piaggesi has produced a series of videos from all over Europe, that illustrate patients’ experiences and the various challenges and approaches to wound management experienced and undertaken by wound care professionals and their organisations. The videos are focusing on three aspects being the patient, the health care professional(s) responsible for the treatment and care of the patient, as well as a representative of the health care institution. The most common types of non-healing wounds are represented such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers and Venous Leg Ulcers. The videos will be available for use in education, advocacy activities and various communication activities.

At this key session the project will be explored and discussed from different angles. An example of a video will be displayed at the session and commented on by a patient as well as a clinician.



Introduction to "Living with Chronic Wounds"

Alberto Piaggesi, Italy

EWMA Scientific Recorder & President Elect

Director of the Diabetic Foot Section of the Pisa University Hospital

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism

University of Pisa, Italy

Making the interviews

Aurora Piaggesi, IT


Comments on the video

Sebastian Probst, Switzerland

Editor of the EWMA Journal

School of Health Sciences

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland


Comments on the video

Ida Larsson, Sweden

Public Health Nurse, Finland 


What are the indications from the videos, how to use and access them?

Sue Bale, United Kingdom

EWMA President

Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, United Kingdom