Society of Tissue Viability (formerly Tissue Viability Society, TVS)


United Kingdom


Vice Chair:

Jeannie Donnelly 

Linda Primmer

Executive Board/Council:

Chair – Jeannie Donnelly, Vice Chair – Linda Primmer, Treasurer – Fran Norman, Vice Treasurer – Sarah Gardner

Board members – Ina Farrelly, Clare Greenwood, David Hibbitt, Natasha Levy, Liang Liu, Vicky Murray, Sharon Neill, Jane Nixon, Joanna Swan, Gill Sykes, Connie Traynor, Samantha Wharton, Kate Williams

No. of Members:

Approx. 600

Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

The Society's work is focused around three key areas: 

  • building community
  • sharing expertise and
  • creating change-makers

All our activities are designed to encourage the collaborative thinking and action needed to solve wound and skin challenges


Journal of Tissue Viability (quarterly)

Editor: Dan Bader


Annual conference
Academic journal
Website and social media
Fundamental and Advanced study days
Skin Care Champions
Legs Matter campaign
Wounds Research Network (WReN)
Educational Endorsement