Hungarian Association for the Improvement in Care of Chronic Wounds and Incontinentia

Original Name:

SEBINKO: Szövetség a krónikus sebek és az inkontinencia
ellátás folyamatos minoségfejlesztéséért



Contact info and web site:

Name of President:

Fokiné Karap Zsuzsanna from 2010, Honorary President: Balatoni Ernőné

Executive Board/Council:

Dr Kovács Matild
Farkas Magdolna
Kovács Ágota
Köles Borbála
Papesch Szabina
Peregi Károlyné
Rising Károlyné
Tegzes Gyöngyi
Vasas Judit

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Dr. Mária Hok

No. of Members:

132 personal members, 21 institutional members

Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

The aim of SEBINKO Hungary Association is the formation of a wide scale cooperation and consensus on the fields of prevention and management of chronic wounds and the development of treatment of incontinentia.

This we support by the development of scientific methods and their training.


SEBINKO (2 issues/year)


Annual congress 2013.nov.21
STOP Pressure Ulcer Day 2013 nov.21.; 2014.nov.20.
Prepare of  the Hungarian „Adapte” program of the New International Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Gidelines
Continuing education from new guidelines /road   show/
Patients involvement in the management of their  wounds,and the family members of the prevention of pressure ulcers