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Croatian Wound Association 

Original Name:

Hrvatska Udruga Za Rane (HUR)



Contact info and web site:

Name of President:

Mirela Bulić, bacc. med. techn.

(4 years term)

Executive Board/Council:

Sandra Marinović Kulišić, Vice-President
Nevenka Begić
Brankica Grgurić
Nastja Kučišec-Tepeš
Damir Rožman
Tomislav Novinščak
Nevenka Štrok

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Mirela Bulić

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

The reasons and aims of the founding of the Association were that of increasing problems for patients with chronic wounds. Also, the growing awareness of the value of a multidisciplinary approach
to the the problem called "the wound" – involving team work of physicians of different specialities, nurses
and other participants involved in the therapeutic process.
The second important issue is that of education – by means of professional meetings, printed material and in loco practice. The key message of all these activities is "basic knowledge for all", along with a standardization of basic procedures in clinical practice from prevention and diagnostics to treatment.


1 supplement of Acta Medica Croatica annually


  • International Symposium 2008 – Decubitus
  • International Symposium 2009 – Leg ulcers
  • International Symposium 2010 – Diabetic foot
  • International Symposium 2011 – Topical wound treatments   challenge for clinician
  • International Symposium 2012 -  Atypical wounds
  • International Symposium 2013 – Chronic wounds – basic knowledge and procedures
  • International Symposium 2014 - Chronic wounds - between theory and practice