EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov


All Wales Tissue Viability Nurses Forum

Original Name:

Fforwm Nyrsys Hyfywedd Meinwe Cymru Gyfan



Contact info and web site:

Name of President:

Kirsty Mahoney

Executive Board/Council:

Vice Chair - Rhian Ellis
Secretary -  Delia Keen

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Kirsty Mahoney

Articles in EWMA Journal:

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

  1. To promote awareness of tissue viability issues to improve patient outcomes.
  2. To raise awareness of the impact of tissue viability on the Health and Wealth of Wales.
  3. To promote evidence based tissue viability practices and influence appropriate health policy within Wales.
  4. To be recognised by the Welsh Government as a knowledgeable and valuable resource.
  5. To contribute to the body of knowledge by initiating and participating in tissue viability research and audit.
  6. To improve patient outcomes by creating and maintaining links with academia and disseminating     knowledge relating to tissue viability to all healthcare providers.
  7. To work in partnership with industry in order to improve patient care.
  8. To provide peer support to all tissue viability nurses working in Wales.



Education Contact:

Delia Keen


Delia Keen