Spanish Association of Vascular Nursing and Wounds

Original Name:

Asociación Española de Enfermeria Vascular y Heridas



Contact info and web site:

Name of President:

Esther Armans Moreno

Executive Board/Council:

Esther Armans Moreno 

Pablo Ibanez Clemente

Teresa Casajus Torno

Francisco Serna Adsuar 

Jose M Rozas Martin 

M Carmen Fabra Farré

Raquel Contreras Fariñas

Gonzalo Esparza Imas

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Esther Armans Moreno

Articles in EWMA Journal:

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

  • Promote and foster  excellence in care related with vascular wounds, Angiology and Vascular Surgery.
  • Guidance and advice to nurses on issues related to the prevention and treatment of all vascular wounds.
  • Training and education of vascular nurses within the area of wound care.
  • Provide and promote health education quality, evidence-based clinical professionals involved in the care of patients with vascular disease and wounds.
  • Contribute to the prevention of vascular disease
  • Cooperate and exchange with other associations whose objectives are to improve the quality of the management of wounds.
  • Support research in Nursing


Since 2001 AEEVH has published the “ AEEV Boletin” annually, now in electronic version: 1 issue year per year


National Congress each year (about 200-300 participants)