EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

Person-centred Care – Patient Empowerment in Wound Management

Project period: 2019-2020

Patients ‘at the heart of decision-making’

Wound management is a very complex process involving different professionals and services. This increases the risk of communication failures at different points in the treatment trajectory. To address the complex health care needs of individuals with wounds, it is important to include the patient’s perspective and knowledge, as well as the professional skills and knowledge provided by a range of specialists. All of these factors point to the need to place the patient ‘at the heart of decision-making’. If the patient is well informed about his or her treatment and care processes, then he or she is likely to feel empowered and may, as such, be a connecting point for the many healthcare professionals involved in wound care. The empowered patient is supported in being more actively engaged in their treatment regime and applying the products suitable for home care correctly.

Enabling patient-centred care could lead to improved health care provision and outcomes and depends on a real partnership between the patients and healthcare practitioners regarding treatment and care. Ultimately, patient-centred care aims to improve the communication between patients and healthcare professionals and can lead to a full participation of patients in self-care.


Objectives and deliverables

The primary objective of this project is to help wound care practitioners optimise the wound care process through patient-centred care.

The document will describe efficient patient communication strategies and provide recommendations on how to involve patients and their families in the treatment, asking relevant questions, etc.

This document will provide the basis for creating a series of short, engaging animated videos that can easily be shared within a professional network and which can be made available with subtitles in different languages.

Author Group

Georgina Gethin (Editor), Ireland

Patricia Price, United Kingdom

Sebastian Probst, Switzerland

Jan Stryja, Czech Republic

Project sponsors

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from:

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