EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

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This month: Atypical Wounds


In this episode, Samantha Holloway and Kirsi Isoherranen briefly discuss the best clinical practices and challenges related to the management of atypical wounds. By listening to this podcast you can learn more about how to suspect an atypical wound and will get more information about the diagnostic criteria and available tools.

If you want to get more extensive knowledge about the management and treatment of atypical wounds, read the EWMA’s recent document on Atypical Wounds and register for the EWMA masterclass on 12 May 2020, London.

Host: Samantha Holloway, Member of the EWMA Education Committee Chair, Teacher Network. (CV)

Guest: Kirsi Isoherranen, EWMA Council member, Specialist in Dermatology, HUS Helsinki Wound Healing Centre in Finland.

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