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Healthcare professionals can send their questions to EWMA’s email address at ewma@ewma.org and get an answer on critical aspects related to the epidemic and wound care. These questions will be answered by the experts linked to EWMA (EWMA Council, EWMA Cooperating Organisations). 

COVID-19 & Vitamin D Survey

Complete the survey here

A University of Manchester diabetes consultant has launched a global survey into prescribing patterns for vitamin D for COVID-19. 
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance in December found no evidence to support vitamin D as a COVID-19 treatment. 
However, Professor Edward Jude says: "The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastation across the globe and the virus seems to be spreading unabated. It has been demonstrated that countries that are most affected are the ones that are in colder climates mainly and it is thought that the population of these countries who are vitamin D deficient may be one of the reasons why the virus is spreading so rampantly."  

The anonymous survey is designed to understand prescribing patterns but also doctors' personal use of vitamin D. You can access and complete the survey here

COVID-19 related information and news

During this challenging situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, EWMA is collecting information and materials relevant for the wound care community. 


"EWMA endorses a pro-active attitude among its members to help their patients as much as they can in this situation. EWMA is willing to provide help, sustain and support you in all the aspects related to wound healing and wound management."

Alberto Piaggesi, EWMA President


EWMA webinars 


Skin Injuries Related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Prevention and Management

Short and hands-on video tutorials: how you should adapt your daily hospital routine towards COVID-19

EWMA President Alberto Piaggesi has filmed together with his team at the Diabetic Foot Section of the Pisa University Hospital a series of video tutorials that could help healthcare professionals during COVID-19.

These videos could be, especially, helpful for healthcare professionals working at the diabetic foot clinics, however, they are also relevant to many other specialties during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The role of telemedicine in wound management during COVID-19

EWMA Council Member, Luc Teot has written an article on the Telemedicine and Opportunities in Wound Care. An Overview of Solutions for Beginners. According to Teot, “Telemedicine should be considered as the best way to prevent contamination during COVID-19 outbreak and provide the relevant care to chronic wound patients”. 

In France, telemedicine was included in the public health code in October 2010. In this article, Luc Teot shares the French experience with implementing telemedicine in wound care and discusses some challenges and solutions in details. 


EWMA Podcasts special edition during COVID-19


In this short special edition of the EWMA podcasts, Julie Jordan O’Brien talks about how to help wound care patients during COVID-19 and how a healthcare professional (HCP) can change a dressing in a home care setting. 

This episode might be especially helpful for HCPs who are not specialized in wound care. You can listen to this 6 minutes podcast or share a PDF with its script with your colleagues that might need help at the moment.

TVS COVID-19 resource centre

Our UK partner for EWMA 2020 the TVS (Tissue Viability Society) has set up a COVID-19 information page to help all clinicians and for you to help your patients.

TVS has included resources that are useful to all clinicians providing wound care.

Diabetic Foot Emergencies during the COVID-19 Crisis

EWMA President Alberto Piaggesi was an invited speaker at a D-Foot's webinar devoted to Diabetic Foot Emergencies during the COVID-19 Crisis.

You can access below the full version of the webinar. 

Alberto Piaggesi from Luc Hendrickx on Vimeo.