The 25th Anniversary of EWMA

In 2016 EWMA celebrates the 25th anniversary of the association. As part of the celebration we have looked back at the history of EWMA together with key people involved in the establishment as well as important stakeholders of EWMA today.  On this page you will find a collection of articles and interviews focusing on the development of the organisation, the milestones in this development as well as some of the people who have contributed greatly to this.

EWMA history articles, EWMA Journal, April 2016

The links below lead to articles published in the "anniversary issue" of the EWMA Journal, published in April 2016. The articles provide an overview of the history of EWMA as well the milestones and key people involved in the development of the association.  

Interviews recorded during the EWMA 2016 Conference

David Leaper

Founding member and former president of EWMA

Finn Gottrup

Founding member and former president of EWMA. Co-founder of the EWMA education development programme and many other recent EWMA intiatives and projects.

Sue Bale

Founding member and current EWMA President Elect.

Editor of the EWMA Journal

Christine Moffatt

Former president of EWMA and initiator of the Cooperating Organisations Board in 2001.

Christina Lindholm

Previous EWMA council member and organiser of the first independent EWMA Conference in Stockholm, in the year 2000.

Madeleine Flanagan

Previous EWMA Council member and co-founder of the EWMA education development initiative in 2001.

Zena Moore

Former president of EWMA and key player in the development of the EWMA EU advocacy programme.

Tina Chambers

Representative of the British Tissue Viability Society (TVS, UK)

Evelien Touriany

Representative of the cooperating organization Clinical Nursing Consulting (CNC, Belgium)

EWMA Anniversary session, EWMA 2016 Conference

During the EWMA 2016 Conference in Bremen a session was dedicated to the celebration of EWMA’s 25th Anniversary.

EWMA president Elect Sue Bale, former president Finn Gottrup and current president Severin Läuchli gave a presentation about the early and recent development of EWMA into an active Pan-European organisation.

Previous EWMA Presidents Christine Moffatt, Zena Moore, Jan Apelqvist and Salla Seppänen formed a panel and presented their views on the development of EWMA during their time in the EWMA Council.

The presentation provides you with a brief overview of the EWMA history.

Presentation: EWMA 25th anniversary - the past, present and future of EWMA_Download

Photos from the EWMA 25th anniversary session, EWMA 2016 in Bremen