EWMA GP Network

The EWMA GP Network is chaired by EWMA president Kirsi Isoherranen, and was established in August 2023. One of Kirsi Isoherranen’s aims as the president of EWMA is to focus on timely and correct diagnosis of wounds, and after right diagnosis, to the holistic care of the patients. To support this aim, EWMA has established a network of GPs involved in wound management.

General practitioners (GPs) are very important healthcare professionals in wound care, often serving as the initial point of contact for patients. Their role in wound care includes the crucial aspects of wound diagnostics and the implementation of a holistic approach. By collaborating within multidisciplinary teams, GPs ensure that patients receive comprehensive and coordinated care, essential for the success of wound healing and relapse prevention.

Members of the EWMA GP Network: 
  • Kirsti Ahmajärvi
  • Sara Magalhães
  • Tomi Ranta
  • Karine Majchrzak
  • Catherina De Los Angeles Rodas Krause


Call for members! 

Why join the EWMA GP Network?
• Gain access to a network of GPs passionate about wound management
• Exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices
• Collaborate on wound care projects and initiatives
• Enhance your professional development

How to get involved?
If you are a GP with a passion for wound management and are interested in becoming a part of the EWMA GP Network, please contact aa@ewma.org.