The Coop Org Liaisons Group & Cooperating Organisations Board

The Cooperating Organisations Liaisons Group (COLG) consists of those members of the EWMA Council who are elected by the Cooperating Organisations Board. They are responsible for activities related to EWMA’s collaboration with the cooperating organisations and EWMA activities involving these organisations.

Members of the COLG:

  • Sebastian Probst, Immediate Past President (Chair)
  • Beata Gress Halasz, Slovakia
  • Ana Lamza, Croatia
  • Battistino Paggi, Italy
  • David Pérez Barreno, Spain
  • Corinne Scicluna, Malta


The Cooperating Organisations Board is made up of representatives from all the cooperating organisations of EWMA. EWMA maintains a regular communication with these representatives. The board meets once every year, at the Cooperating Organisations Board meeting held during the annual EWMA Conference, to discuss current topics of mutual interest or relevance, and to elect members of council from the cooperating organisations.

An overview of all the EWMA Cooperating Organisations is available here