Samantha Holloway

Chair of the EWMA Education Committee (since 2019)
Chair, Teacher Network (since 2014)

March 1989 Registered General Nurse Cheltenham General Hospital, Gloucestershire, UK

MSc in Social Science Research
July 2007 University of Glamorgan (With Distinction)
Certificate in Education & Training
June 2000 University of Wales College Newport (With Distinction)
Certificate in Supervisory Management
December 1996 Organisational & Development Training Dept UHW
Teaching and Assessing (30 CATS, Level 2)
October 1994 Welsh National Board
Common Core Module (30 CATS, Level 2)
February 1994 Welsh National Board

Higher Education Academy
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy March 2007 (Reference: 8175)
Institute of Teaching and Learning
Member 2002
European Wound Management Association
Member (Mem No. 1000705)
Member of the EWMA Education Committee (2014-to date)
Chair, Teacher Network (2014-to date)
International Skin Tear Advisory Panel
Representative for UK


February 2015 Awarded ‘Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching Award’.
April 2016 Shortlisted for Enhancing Student Life Award ‘Most Effective Teacher’

Programme Director for the Masters in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair
Aug 2018 to date: Reader Fulltime, 35 hours / week, Centre for Medical Education, School of Medicine, College of Life and Biomedical Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales UK

Academic Editor, WoundsUK journal (since June 2019)
External Examiner for the University of Huddersfield

June 2007-July 2011 External Examiner for the University of Stirling – Dermatology, Debridement and Leg Ulcer courses.

September 2014 – August 2017 External Examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland)


Academic Editor, WoundsUK journal, (since June 2019)
August 2016 - to date Invited reviewer for the Qualitative Health Research Journal
July 2016 - to date Invited reviewer for BMC Medical Research Methodology
November 2015 Development of a teaching package for the Welsh College of Pharmacy Professional Education in order to support the delivery of CPD for pharmacists. 10 events were delivered across Wales (3 of which I facilitated).
November 2015 – to date Member of the Editorial Board for the British Journal of Community Nursing
May 2014 Invited to be a member of the EWMA Education Committee and appointed Chair of the EWMA Teacher Network Committee.
January 2014 European Wound Management Association – member of the working group for the EWMA Physicians Curriculum.
2011 - to date Reviewer for the Journal of Wound Care and International Wound Journal

Pre-registration nursing education
Student Selected Components in the Medical Undergraduate Curriculum (Subject of research for dissertation)
Skin Tears
Personal and Professional benefits of undertaking an MSc programme (Survey undertaken)
Experiences of studying as a distance learning student (Case Study Research Undertaken)
Inter-professional education (Survey undertaken)
Synchronous and Asynchronous as methods of teaching and learning


Overall responsibility for the Masters stage of the MSc programme and currently Supervisor for seven students on the MSc in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair.

Supervisor for 37 Graduates of the MSc in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair

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