EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

EWMA Council: How to stand for election

Please note:

Due to the postponement of the EWMA 2020 Conference to 18-20 November 2020 (because of the COVID-19 shutdown), the EWMA Council Election held by the Cooperting Organisations Board will be postponed to November 2020. New deadlines for candidates will be communicated.

The individual members election will be held as planned in April-May 2020 via an online ballot.  

There are two ways of presenting your candidacy for the EWMA Council:

1. The Individual Members Election (Held online in April-May)
2. The Cooperating Organisation Board Election (Held at the Cooperating Organisations meeting i November 2020)

Please note that:

  • It is not possible to stand for election in both the individual and the Cooperating Organisation’s Board election.
  • The maximum number of Council members from the same country of residence allowed in Council at the same time is three (3). If the number of elected members from a specific country exceeds the number of places in council, the candidate(s) with the highest number of votes will be offered a place.  


1. Individual Members election

In order to stand for Council, you must be nominated by a minimum of two current members of EWMA. The nominations must be made by the two members in writing. Only those persons who have been members for more than six (6) months shall be eligible for nomination.

Should nominations exceed vacancies, the election shall be by ballot.
Should insufficient nominations be received, nominations may be accepted from the floor at the Annual General Meeting during the EWMA Conference.


2. The Cooperating Organisation’s Board election

The election for Cooperating Organisation representatives in the EWMA Council will take place at the annual Cooperating Organisation’s Board Meeting during the EWMA Conference in November 2020.
As a EWMA Cooperating Organisation you have the possibility to nominate a candidate for this election.
All candidates are expected to participate and present themselves at the Cooperating Organisation’s Board meeting.

Nomination for election

Nominations including a CV and a photo of the candidate can be made by e-mail to the EWMA Secretariat, ewma@ewma.org.



Being a member of the EWMA Council

The EWMA Council Members have the key role in the process of developing and guiding the association towards the common goal of making a difference in the delivery of wound care in Europe.

The position requires active participation in the work of the association. Council members are expected to participate in 3 Council meetings a year: one in March, one during the annual conference in May and one in October. Besides this, there may be 1-2 Committee meetings depending on your area of interest.

All members of the EWMA Council serve as a Trustee of the EWMA Charity and are participating in the work on a voluntary basis. All direct costs related to transport and accommodation during meetings are covered by the association.