EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

Jan Stryja

Council Member

Year of birth: 1973

Nationality: Czech Republic


Work address:

Centre of vascular and miniinvasive surgery,
Centre of non-healing wounds treatment,
Podiatric outpatients' department
Hospital Podlesi, Trinec
The Czech Republic

Clinical experience:

I work as a vascular surgeon in the Cardiovascular Centre of Hospital Podlesi. We participate in the nationwide Cardiovascular Centre Network.

I am the author of the wound healing textbook: Repetotirum hojení ran 1 and 2
I organize RANDE – interdisciplinary congress focused on wound healing and tissue repair.
I organize wound healing courses for nurses with accreditation of the Czech Ministry of Health.

Previous employments and relevant professional experience:

  • 1997-2004: General surgery at the Hospital Trinec
  • 2005 -2013: Vascular surgery at the Hospital Podlesi


  • European Wound Management Association – EWMA from 2010
  • Czech Society of Wound Healing – CSLR (from 2005), member of CSLR council
  • Czech Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Czech Diabetological Society, Podiatric section
  • editorial board of the journal: Healing wounds (Hojení ran)