EWMA Conference 2018

Wound management curriculum for post graduate nurse education

EWMA is currently working on a European curriculum for post graduate nurses.

The objective of this initiative is to support more standardised content in post graduate nurse education within wound management.

The group aims to finalise this new curriculum in the Autumn 2016. 

Following the finalisation of the curriculum, the group will contact relevant European nurse organisations for official approval and adoption.


Working group

  • Mark Collier (UK)
  • Ida Verheyen-Cronau (Germany)
  • Magdalena Annersteen Gershater (Sweden)
  • Samantha Holloway (UK)
  • Zena Moore (Ireland)
  • Julie Jordan O'Brien
  • Andrea Pokorna (Czech Republic)
  • Sara Rowan (Italy/UK)
  • Robert Strohal (Austria)





For more information about this initiative, please contact the EWMA Secretariat, ewma@ewma.org


Wound management curriculum for undergraduate nurse education


The EWMA Teacher network is currently working on a survey among

European institutions providing undergraduate nurse education. The aim

of this survey is to provide a basis for the development of a common

European curriculum for undergraduate nurse education.


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