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Wound centre endorsements

The overarching goal of the EWMA Wound Centre Endorsement Programme is to support the continuing establishment of high quality wound centres that acknowledge the need for multidisciplinary teamwork and evidence-based wound management.
A working group including wound care experts with prior experience developing wound care centres in different European countries has defined a set of criteria as well as a procedure for wound centre endorsements. These criteria cover the centre’s physical facilities, procedures and equipment available for diagnosis and treatment, organisation and staff, referral routes as well as research and educational activities.

With this programme, EWMA also aims to support international collaboration and knowledge sharing about development and maintenance of high quality wound centres.

The EWMA Wound Centre Endorsement Committee

The committee responsible for the programme includes health care professionals (RN and MD) with a specialisation in wound management, substantial experience within the field of wound management and/or experience in developing/evaluating wound care centres in different European countries.

The committee includes:

  • Hubert Vuagnat, Switzerland
  • Finn Gottrup, Denmark
  • Luc Gryson, Belgium
  • Christian Münter, Germany
  • Andrea Pokorná, Czech Republic
  • Barbara den Boogert-Ruimschotel


Endorsement procedure and criteria

You can read more about the wound centre endorsement procedure in this document

Endorsement criteria have been developed for the following types of wounds centres:



Please contact the EWMA Secretariat, att. Julie Bjerregaard, jb@ewma.org, for more information about the EWMA wound centre endorsements.



The development of the endorsement programme is supported by an unrestricted grant from the Coloplast Access to Health Care programme.


Endorsed wound centres


 BBeterzorg Expert Centre Wound Care

Alita Jaspar
MSc in Wound Healing & Tissue Repair
RN BBeterzorg (Mitralis Expertise Centrum Wondzorg)

Endorsed: April 2018


The Wound Care Centre (WCC) of the Plastic Surgery & Burns Department,
Nanjing University Medical Faculty affiliated Drum Tower Hospital

Dr Tan Qian
Burn & plastic department of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

December 2016


Wound Healing Centre Secs Saúde São Francisco, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Ana Beatriz Barroso
Chief Nurse
SECS Saúde São Francisco

February 2016


Wound Healing Centre of the Peking University First Hospital


Dr Wen Bing
Professor and Director
Plastic Surgery Department
Peking University First Hospital

November 2015