EWMA Conference 2019


Finnish Wound Care Society

Original Name:

Suomen haavanhoitoyhdistys ry



Contact info and web site:

Name of President:

Heli Kallio, 2016-

Executive Board/Council:

Arja Korhonen, secretary
Piia Grek-Stjernberg, treasurer

Member Sari Ilmarinen
Member Raili Oikkonen-Heikkuri
Member Maarit Ahtiala
Member Leena Berg
Member Lea Pulliainen

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

  Heli Kallio

No. of Members:

2780 (year 2015)

Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

Promote knowledge and independent multiprofessional co-operation within the field of wound care


Haava Journal
4 issues per year/ distribution 3500 copies

Editor-in-chief Ansa Iivanainen ansa.iivanainen@mamk.fi

Education Contact:

President, Heidi Castrén
Email: Heidi.castren@kolumbus.fi


  • Annual congress every year since 1996
  • 2015 theme was: Leverage from networking, 650 participants
  • 2-3 regional congresses around Finland, 200 participants/each
  • Annual meeting for tissue viability nurses once a year, 70 participants