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Italian Association Skin Ulcers

Original Name:

Associazione Italiana Ulcere Cutanee (AIUC)



Contact info and web site:

E-mail: info@aiuc.it

Website: www.aiuc.it

Name of President:

Francesco Petrella

Executive Board/Council:

Vice-President: Patrizia Baroni Secretary: Manuela Galleazzi
Treasurer: Corrado Maria Durante
Recorder: Piero Secreto
Council Members: Francesco Calcopietro, Ciro Falasconi, Paola Fanin, Caterina Favaro, Massimo Fornaciari, Vincenzo Lauletta, Vincenzo Mattaliano, Giuseppe Nebbioso, Giovanni Saladini, Alessandro Scalise

Auditors:  Brunella  Centanni, Piergiorgio Pastore

Arbitrators: Alessandro Farris, Giorgio Guarnera, Giovanni Mosti

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Corrado Maria Durante

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

The association’s chief goal is to promote scientific seminars aimed at disseminating, updating and enhancing knowledge on physiopathology, clinic, diagnosis and on treatment of ulcerative cutaneous lesions as well as improving prevention strategies.


A) Acta Vulnogica 4/year

B) Minerva Medica, journals.dept@minervamedica.it

Education Contact:

Giorgio Guarnera
Giovanni Mosti



One National Congress every year, 4 specialistic courses pr year
AIUC understands the importance of sharing information and best practice. By producing one Position Document every year, AIUC aims to provide clear advice of the
clinical management of a specific topic area, drawing together the current literature presented by national and international experts on the subject, and highlighting
future questions for research and practice. On September 2009, the first position document titled “Compression therapy in the treatment of leg ulcers” has been released.
On September 2010 a position document titled “Pharmacological and Surgical therapy of venous ulcers” will be presented. AIUC Position Document is available on the
web portal in Italian and English.
Regional Divisions are responsible for disseminating training activities at local level and promote studies on Chronic Cutaneous Lesions. The regional coordinator
oversees and manages their activities and is appointed by the association’s members. The Regional Coordinator has a two year long mandate.