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Why become a member of EWMA?

The most important aspect of becoming a member of EWMA is that you support a very important cause – you support the improvement and development of wound care in Europe. Furthermore, a membership of EWMA will give you influence on this development. As a EWMA member you can vote and, after one year’s membership, and you can even stand for election to the EWMA Council, which will give you direct influence on the future development of wound care in Europe.

Benefits of your EWMA Membership

  • You support the development and improvement of wound care in Europe
  • The EWMA Journal sent directly to you twice a year
  • 15% discount on your registration fee for EWMA Conferences
  • Right to apply for EWMA travel grants
  • Right to vote and stand for election to the EWMA Council
  • Updates on activities and developments within EWMA via the EWMA Newsletter, which is sent three times a year

Membership registration

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We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome as the registration system works better in these browsers.

Please note that memberships were previously valid 1 year from date of registration. This will change in 2016. From 2016 the yearly memberships will now follow a calendar year (i.e 01/01 – 31/12).

A membership costs only 25 EUR a year. You can pay by credit card as well as via bank transfer. Members of EWMA can also renew their membership online.

Members of the EWMA Cooperating Organisations (See list here) are offered a membership fee of 10 EUR.